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Homeless Backpacks

While researching homeless ministries, we came across the Homeless Backpack Network. After spending some time in prayer, we decided this is the ministry we as a organization would embrace.

The vision of the Homeless Backpack Ministry is to aid transients in their travels as they move from one location to another location by providing meals, clothing, hygiene and survival items.


12/01/2019: Packed 6 backpacks to be distributed.

12/05/19: After connecting with a former high school classmate, two backpacks were sent to a homeless ministry in Allentown, Pennsylvania they are involved in.

12/15/2019: Handed out the 6 backpacks to various organizations and people we encountered. We are in the process of building 4 more backpacks.

12/20/2019: Had our first meeting with the Homeless Coalition for Allen County, Ohio to discuss how to move forward as a single organized body. What started out as a self-funded ministry has evolved into a ministry where we are starting to get supporters who are providing items for the ministry.

01/22/2019: Handed out 4 backpacks to homeless during the Point In Time Count as well as other items (food, hygiene, clothing).

01/26/2020: As of 12/01/2019, 10 full backpacks have been given out and individual items that would have made up 7 more backpacks have been also given out.

I received an update on the two backpacks that were sent to a homeless ministry in Pennsylvania, ” I wanted to give you an update that these backpacks have been presented to the leader ship at church. I believe that they are going to be used to multiply. I will keep you updated you know it’s a long process for a church to undertake such a large project, but I believe the seed you planted is going to grow into a very large tree.”

1/31/2020: Today we received an e-mail confirmation from Feed My Starving Children. They are going to send a box of their Rice Manna packs to see if we can incorporate them into our ministry.

02/02/2020: 3 more backpacks have been built and ready to be handed out.

02/12/2020: Received sample manna packs from Feed My Starving Children. We are going to see how we can incorporate these food packs into the ministry.

02/14/2020: Handed out another backpack and received donations from a local church for the back pack ministry. Going to need to categorize the items and receive them into inventory.

02/21/2020: Had a meeting with a local Homeless Coalition to discuss the backpacks. It appears people are picking out the items they want and discarding the rest in the woods or wherever. Going to review the process to ensure nothing goes to waste.

03/15/2020: Expanded the ministry to include people who are at poverty level. We have also decided to do more of buffet style where people can pick what they want from bins instead of creating packs.

03/29/2020: Teamed up with a local Soup Kitchen to distribute items during their meal times on the weekends. This should allow us to interact with 60 – 70 people per day.

Below are images of what we’ve been able to accomplish because of God’s blessing and the support of others.

Click here to view a list of items: List

If you’re interested in receiving a backpack, would like to learn more about the ministry or donate to the ministry, please e-mail Alex Rompilla at

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