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Holy Spirit Intervention

First I want to start off thanking God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit for divine protection, guidance, and interceding. I also want to thank the Wapakoneta City Police and the local sheriff’s department for the way they handled the situation. It was very professional.

I was with a friend in Lima on Monday, 6/1/2020, bringing a couple to Christ. At 8p, the Holy Spirit said you have a 9p appointment and to leave. I told my friend I had to leave and had a 9p appointment for ministry; didn’t know what it was. I left Lima and went to Walmart in Wapakoneta to get cat food. I get to Walmart at 8:35 and they were closed so I ran over to Community Market because they closed at 9:00. I got the food, checked out, got into my jeep and began texting a friend. I heard a man yelling and I looked back and saw a man throwing some things and then took what appeared to be a rifle and put it in his back seat. The Holy Spirit said, “Not Yet”. I looked beside me and there was a guy on the cell phone watching the guy yelling; which I thought was strange. The guy that was yelling then walked back to his trunk and continued to yell and throw things. The Holy Spirit kept saying, “Not Yet.” The guy then walked up to the side of his car and knelt down. I noticed he had a flat tire and the Holy Spirit said, “Now.”  I turned off my Jeep, walked over to the guy and asked if I could help. He said “No. I’m fine”. Then the Holy Spirit prompted me to ask, “Can I pray for you?” The man looked up and said, “I can use prayer.”

As I began to pray, I could see police lights coming our way and the Holy Spirit said, “You need to continue to pray.” As I continued to pray, I looked up and there were city police and sheriff cars with the cops behind them and guns pointed at us.

One of the officers yelled to me to move to the right and lay on the ground with my arms out front. They then told the other guy to lay down and put his arms out. They then asked if either of us had any guns and the guy said, “I have an airsoft pistol on top of the car.” The officer asked if there were any other weapons.

The guy was getting very agitated and disobedient and I kept praying for peace and calm. The officer then had me stand up, put my hands up, walk backwards to their voice, lift up my shirt, lay on the ground, put my arms back out and they searched me.

The one officer said, “We’re going to need to handcuff you and put you in the cruiser.” I’m like, “Ok.” I get handcuffed, put in the cruiser and had two different officers ask me what happened and if I knew the guy.

Now remember… Holy Spirit said I had a 9p appointment.

After they confirmed who I was and wasn’t wanted, they uncuffed me and kept apologizing. I told them, “I’d rather be safe than sorry and how professional they were in handling this situation.”  They took me to another car to write my statement where a third officer came up and asked my story. We talked and I prayed for protection over them. Come to find out, the guy had an airsoft rifle custom fit to resemble an AR which was in the back seat and an airsoft pistol custom fit to resemble a 9mm on the roof. There was a call, because the guy was threatening people with them and people thought they were real guns.

Once again, I want to thank God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit for tonight’s encounter as well as the Wapakoneta City Police and the Sheriff Department.

I pity the person who is going to review the video of me in the back seat. They are going to get an earful of singing praises and prayers. 

Included are the pictures from being handcuffed.

Bible verse of the day
Sing to the LORD, for he has done glorious things; let this be known to all the world.